How our use of metals and finishing processes features in design today and since prehistoric times.

Quality without Compromise in the art of manufacturing mid-century furniture

Naomi Evans gives tribute to the quality of the furniture designed by Fred Lowen famous for his classic Tessa and Fler models of sofas, chairs, chaises and sideboards.

Naomi Evans is an architect based in Melbourne, Australia.

Judging Architecture - what are the most important criteria now and then?

Naomi Evans looks at the zeitgeist of the time to understand why The National Gallery of Victoria lost out to a shopping mall, Southland Shopping Centre, for the 1969 Royal Australian Institute of Architects award.

Naomi Evans is an architect based in Melbourne, Australia.

Creating a building’s multi-purpose exo-skeleton from bronze aluminium blades

Robin Fisher examines the design of the Conex office building, Lille, using striking bronze aluminium blades as a load-bearing exo-skeleton which also provides solar shading and optimises building energy ratings.

Robin Fisher is an Architectural Critic and Reviewer based in Lille, France.