PVD coated coloured stainless steel

Double Stone Ltd produces coloured stainless steel through an innovative process of PVD Titanium Ion Coating that improves the performance of stainless steel by significantly increasing its resistance to corrosion, scratching and wear. Double Stone Steel can be specified in an extensive spectrum of colours or colour-matched to other finishes in your design scheme. PVD coloured stainless steel is used for exterior and interior applications.

Double Stone Ltd PVD coloured stainless steel is more environmentally friendly than processes such as electroplating and painting, with zero discharge of gas, water, waste and other residue.

We work internationally and can supply around the world via our international partners

Typical projects using our PVD coloured stainless steel

Buildings in the Bund Financial Centre, Shanghai Bund, Shanghai, China. Cladding,architravesand window surrounds are in PVD coated coloured stainless steel.

Bund Financial Centre, Shanghai Bund, Shanghai, China. Cladding, architraves, windows in PVD coated coloured stainless steel.

Heatherwick and Foster & Partners architects designed the striking façades for the Shanghai Bund, including the moving “veil” of the Bund Financial centre in PVD stainless steel Rose Gold.

Bathroom interior, Shangri La hotel, London , UK. on the 34th to 52nd floors of The Shard by architect Renzo Piano.

Bathroom interior, Shangri La hotel, London , UK. on the 34th to 52nd floors of The Shard by architect Renzo Piano.

Interior designer Steve Leung specified architraves, mirror surrounds, handrails and accessories in PVD coloured stainless steel in Bronze.

Interior, Miu Miu store, Bejing, China in PVD coloured stainless steel Champagne SS04 No 4 brushed.

Interior, Miu Miu store, Bejing, China in PVD coloured stainless steel Champagne SS04 No 4 brushed.

Exterior cladding, staircases, merchandising units and freestanding display furniture were specified by Architect designer Roberto Baciocchi for the Miu Miu stores, part of the Prada group.

Harvey Nicholls store facade, The Avenues, Kuwait in PVD coloured stainless steel Royal Gold designed by Four IV.

Harvey Nicholls store facade, The Avenues, Kuwait in PVD coloured stainless steel Royal Gold designed by Four IV.

The Avenues, in the Al Rai district of Kuwait city, was designed by international architects Gensler for the Kuwait-based developer Mabanee. The complex consists of 545 stores.

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PVD coloured stainless steel options

Sheet material

Sheet material

We supply PVD coated coloured stainless steel in sheets.

See our machine sizes and capacity

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Brass Hairline

PVD stainless steel colours available

We have 75 standard finish and colour combinations and can colour-match to your own required finish.

See our colours and finishes and order a sample..

Architectural ironmongery, door handles

Architectural ironmongery, door handles

See the range of door handles..

Our range of JDL 3V 144 lever handles

Small components and architectural ironmongery products can be PVD coated. Here we have created our own range of PVD coloured stainless steel lever handles.

These are of a highly robust construction and suitable for contract environments.


  • Lever handle and substructure cover are not detachable so are highly secure.
  • Special roller race ball bearing, spring-assisted self -entering. This means the handle returns to its natural position and can also be moved upwards.
  • Warp-resistant solid square spindle of hardened and galvanized steel.
  • Precise-finished brushed satin stainless steel, formed surface, secure fitting back to back TORX® fixing bolts. This enables easy installation.

JDL 3V 144 Lever Handle

JDL 3V 144 lever handle in PVD stainless steel Copper

JDL 3V 144 Lever Handle

JDL 3V 144 lever handle in PVD stainless steel Bronze

JDL 3V 144 Lever Handle

JDL 3V 144 lever handle in PVD stainless steel Brass

JDL 3V 144 Lever Handle

JDL 3V 144 lever handle in PVD stainless steel Champagne

JDL 3V 144 Lever Handle

JDL 3V 144 lever handle in PVD stainless steel Black is Black

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We can PVD-coat most architectural small components.
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Our Capacity

Our Capacity - Double Stone - PVD Machine

From left to right
PVD fabricated-work machine, PVD sheet-handling machine and PVD standard profile machine

Machine capacities for colouring stainless steel

Our colouring machines come in three different sizes which enables us to maximise machine capacities which vary depending on the types of products that need be coloured.

Versatile product handling

In addition to colouring products and sheets we can manufacture to your specifications all types of products from profiles, custom formed sheets and laser cutting to staircases, furniture and display units.

Fabricated product and small-medium products PVD machine.

These machines are typically used to colour, small furniture pieces, door handles, spider brackets and retail displays/racks.

Long item and profile PVD colouring machine

Colouring objects of up to 4 metres in lengths, this machine is often used for colouring pre-formed profiles, hand rails, architraves and door frames.

PVD Stainless Steel Sheet Machine

The largest sheet size we can colour is up to 1500mmx6000mm

  • Sheet thickness 0.3mm – max 3mm

PVD coloured sheets can be folded and laser cut without affecting the colour.

The standard size sheets we supply are:

    • 1220mm x2440mm
    • 1500mm x3000mm

V-grooving machines

We can manufacture folded profiles with our V-cutting machines.

Why specify PVD?

PVD coated stainless steel has the following benefits:-

  • Wear and scratch resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Environmentally friendly – zero waste residue
  • 3-6 microns thin, ideal for post- manufacture application
  • Flush finish where two PVD coatings meet
  • Creates a metal-against-metal lubricant
  • Stainless steel material is 60% recycled and 100% recyclable


  • Can be colour matched to other finishes & materials
  • Can be specified in a wide spectrum of colours
  • Can mimic more expensive materials such as bronze, brass & gold
  • Can be completely colourless for a natural stainless steel appearance
  • Can be re-coated once coated

Also available:

  • Anti-fingerprint coatings in gloss or satin
  • Anti-microbial coating
  • Embossed finishes, coloured and uncoloured

All Coloured Stainless Steel PVD coatings are guaranteed for twelve years.

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Black Is Black Mirror Finish

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Black Is Black Sandblasted

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Black Is Black Brush

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Brass Vibration

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Brass Sandblasted

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Bronze Brush

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Bronze Vibration

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Bronze Mirror Finish

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Bronze Sandblasted

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Candy Pink Vibration

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Candy Pink Mirror Finish

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Candy Pink Sandblasted

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Candy Pink Brush

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Champagne Brush

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Champagne Vibration

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Champagne Mirror Finish

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Chocolate Brush

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Chocolate Sandblasted

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Chocolate Vibration

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Chocolate Mirror Finish

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Chocolate Hairline

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Chrome Brush

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Chrome Hairline

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Chrome Vibration

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Chrome Mirror Finish

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Chrome Sandblasted

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Cobalt Brush

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Cobalt Hairline

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Cobalt Vibration

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Cobalt Blue Mirror Finish

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Cobalt Sandblasted

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Copper Vibration

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Copper Mirror Finish

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Copper Sandblasted

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Copper Brush

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Copper Hairline

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Emerald Brush

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Emerald Mirror Finish

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Emerald Vibration

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Emerald Sandblast

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Emerald Hairline

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Gun Metal Brush

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Gun Metal Hairline

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Gun Metal Vibration

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Gun Metal Mirror Finish

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Gun Metal Sandblasted

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Red Bronze Brush

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Red Bronze Mirror Finish

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Red Bronze Vibration

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Red Bronze Hairline

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Red Bronze Sandblasted

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Rose Gold Brush

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Rose Gold Mirror Finish

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Rose Gold Vibration

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Rose Gold Hairline

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Rose Gold Sandblasted

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Royal Gold Brush

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Royal Gold Hairline

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Royal Gold Vibration

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Royal Gold Mirror Finish

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Royal Gold Sandblasted

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Vegas Gold Brush

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Vegas Gold Mirror Finish

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Vegas Gold Vibration

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Vegas Gold Sandblasted

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Vegas Gold Hairline

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